Question forms

Questions forms – Tema 6 (Básico)


Forming a yes/no question

Yes/no questions are also created using the auxiliary do. This time, the auxiliary is placed before the subject. Here are the rules:

Auxiliary Subject Example
Do I Do I sing?
Do you Do you sing?
Does he Does he sing?
Does she Does she sing?
Does it Does it sing?
Do we Do we sing?
Do they Do they sing?

Forming a WH- question

WH- questions (using words such as “what”, “when”, and “where”) are also created by putting the auxiliary do before the subject. Then, you add the WH- word at the beginning. Here are some examples:

Statement Yes/no question WH- question
I sing Do I sing? What do I sing?
You fight. Do you fight? Why do you fight?
He lives Does he live? Where does he live?