Talking about yourself

Talking about yourself – Tema 2 (Avanzado)

How to introduce yourself in English in 4 easy steps

1.Your name
Start with your name and your job or your department. Simple really.
You can just say  “Hi, I’m (first name) and I just started as a (job title) in the (name of your department) department.”

For example:
“Hi, I’m Bruno and I just started as a sales consultant in the marketing department.”


2. Some relevant information about you
It’s polite and friendly to give some information about yourself. Don’t want to just ask questions. Small talk is like a ping pong game. Sometimes you ask questions, sometimes you give information. You can say something about your previous job.

For example:
“Before this, I used to work as a solutions manager at Orange.”


3. More about you
We want to know more about you! Tell us how long you’ve been working in your field, for example. For this, you’ll need the present perfect continuous tense.

For example:
“I’ve been working in the telecom industry for about 12 years now.”


4. Ping pong time!
And then, you can give the “conversation ball” back to the other person. A simple question like “What about you, what do you do?” is good if you haven’t already talked about the subject.

Other options:
“And how long have you been working here?”
“And how does this place compare to other companies you’ve worked for?”
“How did you get into (the field the other person works in: finance, tourism, etc.)”

Let the conversation develop, relax, and enjoy it.
Even if you make mistakes in English, the objective is to create a connection with the other person.

You’ll see how in this week’s video lesson.


Small talk starts with introducing yourself, but it’s just the beginning!

After you introduce yourself in English, you actually have to talk about something: Your experience, your projects, your weekend, I don’t know!
That’s small talk. You talk about anything and everything!

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